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Freshmen Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Conference

  The next generation of rural North Carolina leaders began their leadership journey January 13 – 16, 2012 at the Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Conference. The conference, which was held at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, kicked off Year 2 of the Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program. Funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation,

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This blog post is from Scholar Katrina Peterkin. Hope you enjoy…

Imagine someone speaking in front of a large crowd, not knowing what they were going to say. A beginning and an ending was prepared, but the idea of connecting the two was fuzzy. They did not what to say between the two while maintaining a clear structure. This someone who I just described was me

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Welcome to Our News Page!

Welcome to the Golden LEAF Leaders News Page! We hope to connect and build community among Scholars, coaches, and program staff and reach others as the program grows. We encourage Scholars to make posts to share their experiences and thoughts, and we’ll publish as much as possible. Please send to murphye@ccl.org and we will choose

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