Coaches’ Corner: Scott Elliott

Scott works as a supervisory air operations specialist at the Pope Army Airfield in Cumberland County, NC.

How long have you been a GLSLP coach? 6 years.

What inspired you to become a GLSLP coach? I have a diverse background in education, as well as 26 years active duty military and now work in aircrew operations as a civilian employee. I have always made goal setting a priority for myself and others. I enjoy working with young adults and have four grown children of my own. I believe in early leadership training and the impact it has on individuals, organizations, and community.

What learning objective or activity utilized at conferences (i.e. DAC, Values Explorer, etc.) do you think is most beneficial to the scholars?
The DAC model that is presented to year one scholars gives the foundation for leadership in ways that are undeniable. Direction establishes the vision, goal-setting and mission to be accomplished. Alignment provides the clear understanding of responsibilities in an organized manner. Commitment gives the sense of mutual trust and collective work. The three elements are interdependent for effective leadership

What is something you may have learned at conferences that has been particularly useful in your day-to-day life? The Situation, Behavior, Impact (SBI) model is very useful in giving feedback in the workplace. I use it frequently.

Where do you hope to see the scholars in your coaching group five years from now? I fully expect to see them reaching their career goals and making a difference in their communities.

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