Coaches’ Corner: Christin Brown

A native of Dare county, Christin works for the NC Aquarium as an education curator at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

How long have you been a GLSLP coach? 5 years.

What inspired you to become a GLSLP coach? I am an educator and have worked with students ranging in ages from K to college age for years. I really enjoy that the program allows me to use my skills as an educator but also allows me the opportunity to grow as a coach and a leader. The program has taught me to be a better mentor to interns at my job and has made me a better leader in my department. I continue to coach because I feel that each year I become better and learn from the scholars.

What learning objective or activity utilized at conferences (i.e. DAC, Values Explorer, etc.) do you think is most beneficial to the scholars?I believe the Freshmen year conference where they learn about leading with self is very valuable. Learning about your personality and how you may respond to different situations. Learning about careers that may be best based upon your personality. Also appreciate that students learning that being an introvert does not mean you are afraid or incapable of leading and public speaking. Being an introvert just means you get your energy from your “downtime” not from being surrounded by people. It is also important for scholars to learn how to lead, through direction, alignment and commitment.

What is something you may have learned at conferences that has been particularly useful in your day-to-day life? I love and often share with friends and colleagues that feedback is a gift. It can be delivered in a way that is meant to open us up to our blind side so we can learn from the feedback. Delivering feedback can be short and simple and not involve emotion, state the situation, the behavior and its impact on you.

Where do you hope to see the scholars in your coaching group five years from now? I hope to see Haley working as a second grade teacher at a school in her home county, Austin opening up his own environmental consulting firm, and Adam graduating from PA school and eventually working in a hospital.

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