Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program 2018 Superlatives of the Year Awards

Scholar of the Year, Sawyer Lee

Selected from a pool of more than 300 scholars this year, the 2018 Scholar of the Year Award was given to Sawyer Lee, a high-performing individual who makes a significant and long-lasting impact on the future of the Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program. Sawyer has been described as punctual, ambitious, patient, considerate, resourceful and reliable.

In reading the evaluation comments written by his supervisor, the original goals for Sawyer’s internship quickly changed when they saw just how eager he was to learn and grow. He served as a constant reminder of why they chose to become involved in the program. His supervisor goes on to say they hold him up as an example of someone possessing the character exemplifying the mission of the Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program.

Even when his internship was over, Sawyer continued to visit the patients he worked with.  He had lunch regularly with an elderly man who didn’t have any family and loved his internship so much that his family moved his grandmother to the same facility for physical therapy.  Sawyer will be able to assist her while she is there and when she comes home.  He was very proud that he was able to ensure she was in a great place where she would receive the care she needed to help her recover. Congratulations to Sawyer Lee, our 2018 Scholar of the Year!


Coach of the Year, Shawn Gethers

The Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program has a great support team. Within that team we currently have 50+ coaches that help us in more ways than one. While we know that all of our coaches are “Coach of the Year,” Coach Shawn Gethers wears multiple hats that most do not see. He not only has a passion to see our young scholars succeed but supports and contributes to the success of the GLSLP team as well. Over the years, Shawn has traveled by bus, by train and by car to assist staff with pre-program logistics, packing and loading boxes, running errands, offering some comic relief, providing a listening ear and has often been the peace in the midst of the storm. Congratulations to Shawn, our 2018 Coach of the Year!


Supervisor of the Year, Jennifer Congleton

Our summer internship period wouldn’t be as successful as it continues to be without the help, support and partnership of our many supervisors. In saying that, we would like to take this time to recognize someone who has partnered with GLSLP for the past 5 years, without hesitation. Even today, Jennifer continues to follow all of the scholars who have interned with her organization. This truly shows just how committed she is to this program and how much she believes in what we do. Congratulations to Jennifer Congleton, 2018 Supervisor of the Year!


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